Why was last week the most amazing week ever?

August 8, 2018

Wow!!!  What an amazing week at our "Shipwrecked" Summer Adventure Camp!  This has been one of the best the Summer Adventure Camps we've had so far!  (Read on to find out why…)


Here's a video recap of the week...



What this video doesn't show is the "Faith in Action" that went on behind the scenes...


Here are just a few examples:  One child who came mentioned they didn't have a toothbrush and one of our members left and purchased them one... another child who literally came barefoot for lack of having shoes, other members contributed to and one member took them shoe shopping and got them school supplies... other members came together and gave towards 2 children's back to school clothes who didn't have any (the kids were so appreciative and excited as another member took them shopping for everything from undergarments, to shoes & socks and outfits)... another youth is being blessed with much needed back to school clothes next week... and other members bought school supplies for kids in need.


As Pastors, we couldn't be any more proud and our hearts couldn't be any fuller having seen you pour out your love for others with the revelation of how God has poured out His love towards you


For those of you who participated in many different ways, your sacrifice of time and energy and your willingness to love these whom God has entrusted us with is truly "Faith and Love in Action"...  Jesus said:  "If you've done it unto the least of these, its as if you've done it unto me"...


Our last night of "Shipwrecked" we had over 20 kids respond to the "Good News" of the Gospel in an altar call, and in our Sunday Morning "Shipwrecked" blowout service, more came forward as well…


Stay tuned for more... God is doing something amazing in the body of believers at Mercypoint...


We are truly witnessing "Faith and Love in Action" of biblical proportions!

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